Canon PIXMA MG5420 AirPrint Printer

Canon PIXMA MG5420 Description

Canon is a leading brand when it comes to imaging devices. They have also gained popularity as a company that offer all in one imaging devices. Canon PIXMA MG5420 can be considered as a perfect example for such an imaging device. Canon PIXMA MG5420 is a mid-range printing, scanning and a copying device that you can purchase at an affordable price. It is also recognized as an economical printer since the device does not include combined CMYK cartridges.

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Canon PIXMA MG5420 Features

All the people who are looking for a compact printer with user friendly dimensions can think of purchasing the Canon PIXMA MG5420 AirPrint Printer. Its dimensions measure 18*14.6*5.9 in inches. Moreover, this multifunction printer weighs just under 18 lbs. Therefore, you can think of replacing your printer, scanner and fax machine with Canon PIXMA MG5420 without any hesitation.
Apart from the compact dimensions, the product features are handy as well. You can expect all the results that you can get from a traditional printer, scanner or a copier from this device. The best thing about this printer is that it can even be used to print things in DVDs and CDs. The wireless technology is another bonus feature that you will get along with the package. You can simply use it to transfer data from your compatible mobile devices and print within few seconds.
Even though Canon PIXMA MG5420 is promoted as a mid-range printer, its performance is surprisingly good. The developers have included a large 3 inch display that can be used to control the overall features. You can even see a print preview through that display. Printing directly from memory cards is icing on the cake.

Canon PIXMA MG5420 has a tray on top that can handle up to 125 sheets. This can keep you away from hassle when you are engaged with large printing jobs. You can also find a separate tray that can hold up to 20 4*6 photo printing sheets. Therefore, this can be considered as a perfect photo printer as well. The disk that comes along with the Canon PIXMA MG5420 package has the setup and you just need to run it. It will configure the printer automatically to keep you away from trouble.
The speed of Canon PIXMA MG5420 is not sluggish and it can print up to 2.5 pages per minute in color and 4 pages per minute in black. The AIO inkjet cartridges are specifically designed to save ink when printing and save a lot of money for you in the long run. However, they have been careful not to compromise the printing quality.
Why people choose this product
People who are looking for the best mid-range printer, scanner and copier can think of purchasing Canon PIXMA MG5420. The benefits you get from it are totally worth when compared to the amount you pay. For example, you will only have to spend 32 cents to print a photo with this device.

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