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After its inception back in 2010, Apple’s AirPrint technology has transformed a lot of things when it comes to printing. HP AirPrint printers were among the first brand to storm the market popularizing the widespread use of the utility. The feature lets iOs users to print documents and photographs from an i-device such as the iPhone or the iPad. The only requirement to make the printing process complete is to ensure that the i-device is in the same wireless network perimeter with the printer. HP were among the first to switch and take advantage of the award winning utility. It has since then continued to lead by producing more interactive printers giving the ingenious utility a better platform where users can enjoy quality and convenience whenever they need. In this write-up we will cover the 4 best HP AirPrint printers that you can always count on for print quality and value;

HP ENVY 4500 AirPrint Printer

This AirPrint printer is a low profile solid performing printer that aims to provide smart devices printing and maintaining the leisure printing that the company has always majored in. Equipped with a 2 cartridge engine, the printer is a marvel that is discrete as compared to its close competitors. The fact that there is a tricolor cartridge has been debated and while many see it to guzzle in, the sunny side of it is that it makes the printer easy to clean and maintain. The mounted flatbed duplex scanner also utilizes a mono LCD screen which is unrestricted as many will find at first sight. The printer however lacks and ADF (Automatic Document Feed) which is unlikely for a printer in this class. Despite this fact, the printer is a hard performer that does not disappoint given the handsome AirPrint performance it has.

HP ENVY 5530 AirPrint Printer

The ENVY 5530 color all-in one printer is an easy to use machine that produces high resolution outputs. The printer is perfect in grasping and utilizing the AirPrint feature. Boasting a high printing speed of 22 pages per minute in black and 17 pages colored per minute, this printer is the ultimate match-maker for people who want to get a lot of print work done while maintaining high quality standards. The only downside with this printer is that it has not been bundled with lots of softwares but the bottom line is that it is still capable of rendering quality prints. Also with the fact that it is a low cost printer, it is still a good bet for the money above others of its class.

HP Deskjet 3510 AirPrint Printer

The HP deskjet is a budget all-in-one printer than can act as a stand-alone copier for both home and office work. With fast printing speed, this printer is famed for its multifunctional capabilities and runs on a modest speed as compared to many other printers in the market. The downside visible tendency of this printer is that it guzzles color ink more. However, the undying truth is that the printer performs even better than many other higher priced from competitor brands and is recommended for a home based business or small office operations.

HP AirPrint Printer Deskjet 3510

HP AirPrint Printer Deskjet 3510

HP Officejet 4630 AirPrint Printer

Characterized by high speed and high print lab quality, the HP Officejet 4630 is a good solution for people who want to get the job done for a short period of time. The all-in -one printer is compact and occupies small space enough to be put on a desk. The printer is multifunctional and its document feeder makes document handling an easy task. The fact that it has AirPrint utility intact makes it better preferable and with its 100 sheets per tray speed, it is a good printer worth investing in. Despite not having a touch screen as many would expect, the arrow keys makes it easy to control and execute various commands. This high resolution printer is perfect for handling lots of tasks which it does with lots of ease. As every machine has its downside, the ugly part of this printer is that the border-less outputs take longer to produce as compared to other printers.

Final word of HP AirPrint Printers

With the AirPrint utility mounted on printers, life has been much easier for many people as things can just be done with the command of a few mouse clicks. HP printers remains among the top choice when it comes to print quality and reliability of AirPrint utilization. Sticking on to the above printers for high quality prints, reliability and convenience will give one a good non-regrettable experience and are therefore recommended.

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