Epson AirPrint Printers

Thanks to the new technology, devices have been advanced and now you can use them with more versatility. Printers have also gone through the technological evolution and the most advanced are the Airprint printers, which don’t need drivers installations in order to function perfectly. With these printers, you can set up the printer on the same Wi-Fi as your Apple mobile device and easily print. They can be managed by several iOS apps like Mail or Photos. There are several Epson AirPrint printers that will offer you a great printing experience.

Here are some of them;

Epson XP-410 AirPrint Printer

This printer is a tiny model that will serve best for a home job or for a student. The quality of the print is very good, however, the ink used are very pricey. It is a compact machine and the top part of the machine is an A4 size and the back, feeding tray can hold one hundred sheets. The sheets are placed vertically as they are fed inside the machine. However, the scanner cover cannot hold a thicker item, like a book, for that, you won’t be able to scan a book easily. It has an LCD screen of 2.5 inches that is synchronized with touch controls that will light when you are about to touch them. The output quality is super impressive, but the problem is that it will scan documents slowly. Also, you can access Mac drivers only online, which can be unreliable.

Epson XP-410 AirPrint Printer

Epson WF-3520 AirPrint Printer

This one has been specifically designed for business use as it can scan, copy and print on 2 sides of a sheet, automatically. It has been rated as the fastest 2-sided printer and it can hold up to 250 sheets, and for that, it will not need to reload often enough. You can also fax with the machine and it will fax at a speed of 3 seconds per page and the internal fax memory accommodates 180 pages. You can also set speed dials, for easier access, which can store a maximum of 100 numbers. It also comes with a fitted Ethernet and wireless networking for connecting easily to a portable device.

Epson XP-400 AirPrint Printer

With this printer, you can scan, fax or print from a computer and it can also work separately as a fax machine or a copier. The machine has also been designed for working in the office as it has an automatic feeder that accepts 30 sheets and the output is released to a flat bed. This allows you to scan many pages, which will be arranged uniformly. For printing, it will only support 100 sheets, and it also doesn’t have a duplexer, which enables the printer to print both sides automatically. In addition, the printer supports cloud printing, or printing using the Apple AirPrint.

Epson WF-2540 AirPrint Printer

This printer is very small as it weighs only 9 pounds and it has a glossy covering. You will load papers from the top, and it can accommodate only 100 sheets at a go. It also doesn’t have a duplexer for 2-sided printing, but it comes with a manual that guides on how to do it manually. It can hold 4 different ink tanks and the control panel is tilted up and has an LCD screen of 2.5 inches. A special attribute is that it can read a memory card and you can print photos from the card. It has a flatbed that copies and scans papers as big as a letter size, though it doesn’t have an auto document feeder. You can connect it to your PC easily through a USB, and it can run on Windows Vista. Alternatively, you can connect it to a wireless network, which will connect within a short time. A drawback of this device is that it will print photos slowly and also, it is costly to use, also it doesn’t have a USB port.

These are some of the AirPrint printers that are designed by one of the leading brand, Epson, and they are all easy to use. In addition, you can carry them easily, thanks to the light weight that they have. The flexibility of connecting to the computer and the portable device is what makes them reliable. You will also save your energy on some selected model, especially if you need a 2-sided printing.

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