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Canon AirPrint Printers are technologically advanced, are wireless and allows you to print directly from devices such as iPhone and iPads. The compatibility of this printer has greatly expanded in the recent years. The printer is built into Apples iOS system and provides the simplest way of printing from any iOS device. It does not require any special iOS device. The printer works with iPads and iPods touch. You can use this printer to print documents from apple programs including documents, mails from your friends and any third part apps. Unlike other devices that can be used to print from iPhone, iPad or your PC, this printer has more capabilities and remains one of the top rated printer in the world. The brands that are available on the market include;

Canon PIXMA MX922 AirPrint Printer

This is an office all-in-one inkjet printer that is not only superior in quality but which brings many capabilities to your office. The printer boasts of an in-built WiFi that can become handy in scanning and printing from home or office. The wireless device can easily print from your iPad, iPhone or even iPod touch devices. It is an auto device that can take in 35 sheets of duplex papers and has cloud printing capabilities. The latest Canon PIXMA MX922 AirPrint Printer in the market has a high capacity of 250 sheet plain paper cassette and thus you do not have to worry about your printer running out of paper. It allows you to do other activities as you print. If you are looking for efficiency, this is an all- efficient device that you must have at your work place. It reduces costs and saves on time. The machine comes with larger capacity ink that gives one a chance to print thousands of documents without having he tanks refilled.

Canon PIXMA MX922 AirPrint Printer

Canon PIXMA PRO-100 AirPrint Printer

This is a state of art printer that reproduces the colors as per your plan. It automatically picks the optimum ink combination and placement giving you quality work. It is compatible with individual CLI-42 for black, gray, and cyan, light grey, Magenta, yellow and photo magenta colors. The printer is economical as it allows you to only replace ink that has run out . The printer allows for quality photos on various media. It has a superb output and prints with exceptional details and resolution. It is less expensive and gives better black and gray monochrome prints. It has a wireless connectivity option and provides sharing flexibility since you do not have to connect it physically to a USB cable.
The Canon PIXMA PRO-100 AirPrint Printer has die inks and retains the color for many years without fading off. However, it should be noted that unlike the black and white prints, the monochrome output is somehow inferior.

The Canon PIXMA MX452 AirPrint Printer

This is a wireless inkjet office printer that delivers superior quality printing. It is a versatile printer that is suitable for office and home use. It is wi-fi enabled and can print and scan from computers and mobile devices. The device has an AirPrint3 hence can be used to print from iPad, iPod touch and iPhone devices. It is a 30 sheet auto document feeder that can be used for copying and faxing. The machine has the capability of allowing you to adjusting web pages and print in your own layout.
Canon PIXMA MX452 AirPrint Printer is a 4800 X 1200 maximum color resolution printer that has fine cartridge system that can be used to print documents with a lot of efficiency. It makes use of inbuilt imaging technology that guarantees quality and originality. With this printer, you can easily turn your office into a photo lab and print beautiful photos. The machine comes with software that makes organizing and printing photos easy and fast .It has calendar organization, fun filters, automatic layout and more appealing features.
This is an above average printer that is designed to print photos and texts. It is a duplex printer that is wi-fi enabled. The printer does not require wired support. It is slow and not ideal for a busy office. Despite all this, the quality of the prints is superior and it can be used to print on optical discs. The printer offers better photo quality which is obviously higher than what you can obtain from any other printer. It is ideal for use at home or offices that are not very busy. This is a light duty machine that lacks office centric features. It has no office capability and no automatic feeder. The printer is wi-fi connection enabled.
The above mentioned features mean that the printer can scan, print and copy. One can scan and print directly to the memory card or a printable optical disc. One can also preview the images on a memory card and comes with a three inch screen color display that allows you to view your work before printing. Its paper capacity is relatively small compared to other printers as it allows only 125 sheets of papers at ago. This is what makes it a light duty home or office device.


The Canon PIXMA MG5420 AirPrint Printer


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