AirPrint Printers for iPad and iPhone

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AirPrint printers are Wi-Fi enabled and support Apple’s AirPrint utility. When Apple first introduced the AirPrint printing utility in 2010, there were very few compatible printers. Fast forward to the present and compatibility has grown considerably. Today, most Wi-Fi enabled printers support Apple’s AirPrint utility. These printers facilitate AirPrint’s ability to deliver full quality document and image printing from the iPad and iPhone without having to connect cables, download software or install drivers. The AirPrint utility allows for easy discovery, automatic media selection and first class finishing options. As long as the iPad or iPhone is connected to the same local Wi-Fi network as the printer, printing is just a tap away. The key to using the AirPrint utility without difficulty is making sure your device is connected to the local Wi-Fi network that houses the AirPrint printer. Configuration of the utility is completed in a few taps to your screen and does not require any additional connections, drivers or software. Whether you need to print a document, eBook, photo, business card, or fax the AirPrint utility and AirPrint printers give you the tools and freedom to do it just by tapping on a photo, email, web page or document the item is sent to print from your favorite iOS or OS X app.

Airprint Printers for iPad and iPhone

Airprint Printers for iPad and iPhone

AirPrint to Any Printers

No matter where you’re working from or what you’re working on the AirPrint utility and an AirPrint printer allow you the freedom to print everything with a few taps. While there are a number of ways of printing from an iPad or iPhone to include using third party software installed on a PC on your network like HandyPrint (formerly AirPrint Activator) or third party AirPrint Apps, the simplest and most efficient option is using AirPrint printers. Finding the best AirPrint Printers isn’t always easy but the choices can be narrowed down based on two things, budget and anticipated use. There are a number of AirPrint compatible brands with multiple options and we’ll be taking a look at some those options from HP, Brother, Canon and Epson. If you’re looking for a small office or home office solution, HP AirPrint printers offer one of the best small business options in its Office Jet Pro Series. HP has offered AirPrint compatible printer options since late 2010 and the HP Office Jet 8600 Pro Plus series offers a budget friendly, feature rich, HP AirPrint printer that delivers in all areas. It is fast, reliable, delivers the highest number of pages per month of any small office or home office desktop machine, has an adjustable paper tray, handles media brilliantly, and offers the lowest cost per page of any ink – jet printer. All this combined with the ability to print anything from your iPad or iPhone device makes it a best choice when furnishing your small or home office. Using the HP Office Jet Pro Series with AirPrint enabled apps like the iWorks suite, Omnigraffle, Evernote and iAnnotate PDF make it easy for the small business or home business owner to work from anywhere. For those with a need for high resolution images, Epson AirPrint printers offers one the best for photo options in its Epson Expression Home series. The images taken on your iPad or iPhone are instantly delivered for high resolution printing on the Epson Expression Home series printer. With six ink cartridges and varied ink drop size, high resolution and smooth color transitions are the end result. The Epson AirPrint Printers excel in handling many types of special media, like CD/DVD liners, card stock, and thick photo paper. It also handles text and business graphics just as well. However the emphasis is on its production of quality photos sent directly from your iPad or iPhone. One of the best all in one printers for those on a budget comes in the Canon AirPrint Printers in the Canon Pixma series. It is low in price, feature rich, offers good print quality for both text and photo, Wi-Fi connectivity and supports the AirPrint utility. This makes it a solid choice for those who only print 2,000 pages or less per month. The only draw back is the cost of ink cartridges which causes a higher cost per page average. The Brother AirPrint printers also offer a budget friendly all in one printer in its MFC J series. This Brother AirPrint Printer allows you to scan, fax, copy and print over-sized pages both singly or double sided. The Brother MFC J series has two trays that can accommodate 250 sheets of paper of practically any size. In addition to its automatic paper feed functionality it offers a feeder slot for single sheets of paper for media such as card stock or postcards. It has printing speeds of up to 35 pages per minute if printing in one color and 27 pages per minute if using multiple colors. The MFC J series uses ink cartridges that are high in capacity which make it very cost effective in that the average cost per page is approximately 2 cents per single color page and approximately 6 cents per multiple color page. When Apple first released the AirPrint Utility as part of an iOS update in 2010, the problem Apple users faced was finding a printer that was AirPrint compatible. At that time HP had some of the few printers compatible with the AirPrint utility. In 2014, there are a number of different brands that offer AirPrint printers. While brand recognition and loyalty play a part in printer selection, the number of AirPrint Printers available today offer what was not available in 2010 and that is options. No matter what the need, whether it is high resolution images, fast print times, cost effective price per page printing, budget friendly all in one solutions or a printer just right for small business use. AirPrint printers offer unique features, price points and solutions to specific Apple user needs. AirPrint printers will continue to offer more cost effective print solutions while the AirPrint utility continues to offer printing without software downloads, driver installation or cables to connect when using an iPad or iPhone.

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